This Or That...

Night or Day:night
Coffee or Tea:tea
Water or Fire:water
Phones or Email:email
Internet or TV:internet
Pens Or Pencils:pens
Lip Stick or Lip Gloss:lip stick
Walmart or Kmart:walmart
Dogs or Cats:cats
Snakes or Spiders:snakes
Summer or Winter:summer
Spring or Fall:spring
Chocolate or Vanilla:vanilla
M&Ms or Skittles:m&ms
Music or Movies:music
Rap or Country:rap
Candles or Insense:candles
Lots of Friends or Few Best Friends:few best friends
Babies or Todlers:todlers
Paper Cut or Splinter:splinter
Parfume/Cologne or Body Spray:parfume
Coke or Pepsi:coke
Rain or Snow:snow
Jessica Simpson or Christina Agulera:jessica simpson
Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anistan:angelina jolie
Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter:harry potter
Yo-Gi-Oh or Starwars:starwars
Video Games or Board Games:video games
Blush or Glitter:glitter
Long Hair or Short:long hair
Nice Guy/Girl or Good Looking Guy/Girl:nice guy
Love or Money:love
Broken Heart or Broken Bone:broken bone
Movie or Play:movie
City or Country:city
The Mall or Ebay:mall
Cars or Trucks:cars
Ford or Dodge:dodge
The OC or Dawsons Creek:the oc
Mermaids or Unicorns:mermaids
School or Work:school
Silver or Gold:silver
Christmas or Your Birthday:my birthday
Giving Gifts or Getting Gifts:giving gifts
McDonalds or Burger King:mcdonalds
Books or Magizines:books
Forgive or Get Even:get even
Paper or Plastic:paper
Cash or Credit Cards:cash
Cookies or Cake:cake
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